Ultimate Guide On Buying Your First Camera, Lens And Accessories – Photography And Cinematography

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As a beginner Photographer or Cinematographer your first job is to choose your First Camera. As you are a beginner it is usually overwhelming in choosing your first camera as there are many choices available to you and you find yourself lost in making a final decision.

As of 2021, there are many camera’s with advanced technology and many accessories to help you get your desired result (output) but the main question is – Is it worth spending over 2000$ and more or buying a budget friendly camera around 500$ to 1000$?

Well, the answer for this question is very easy. As you are a beginner you won’t know how to operate a high end camera and you are still learning basics. So, it doesn’t matter how advanced or expensive your camera is, it is just worthless to you as you are just a beginner and you won’t know how to handle it and it is the same with basics.


This will be a short article because I don’t want you to get confused with lots of information as you are just a beginner it could be overwhelming and that’s what we all want to avoid.

So, in this article I made an “Ultimate Guide On Buying Your First Camera, Lens And Accessories” in 2021. So, lets get started!

• Camera

I have listed 3 easy steps below to make it easy for you to choose your first camera. They are as follows:

1. Reason To Buy A Camera

While Choosing your First Camera, you should know for what reason you are spending 500$ or more on a camera. Whether you are buying a camera for Photography, Cinematography (videography) or both. That will help you choose best camera as a beginner according to what you need.


2. How Much Do You Know About Cameras And Their Settings?

While choosing your first camera, you should ask yourself How Much Exactly Do You Know? For Example: If your are a photographer how much settings do you have knowledge about like bulb mode and if you are a cinematographer do you know about picture profiles like S-log. The main objective of this point is don’t buy a camera if someone said “Shooting in S-log is better”. Before buying a camera you should know what it is exactly, again if you don’t know what S-log does or how to use it spending extra money on a camera with picture profiles is just worthless for you as a beginner.

3. Do Research And Learn Their Settings

Now that you have previous points in mind the next step for you is to do research. Keep comparing camera’s according to your need and budget and choose the one that fits to your needs. Also, as mention above if you don’t know much settings like S-log you should learn what it is before spending extra money on buying expensive camera with picture profiles.


For Example: If you find that Sony A6400 is the best fit for you and you check the specifications of it you will notice it has picture profiles like S-log2 and S-log3 in it so before buying learn about it and if you know what S-log does then only you will know why or how to use it or else it’s not worth extra $.

• Lens (or Lenses)

Now that you know which camera to buy the next step for you to buy is a Lens. Now there are various kinds of lenses like zoom lens, prime lens, etc. while buying a camera you have an option to buy it with its kit lens. My recommedation for you to buy your first lens would be only kit lens. As a beginner you should only invest in a zoom kit lens which the provide while you buy a camera.

There are many prime lenses available which are very great than kit lens but again if you don’t know how to use it or what it does it is just worthless which makes me come to the third point of choosing your camera is do research and learn about it. As, a beginner I would say you will only need two kit lens that is it. Then later as you progress in learning more and getting experience than go for prime lens as it is more expensive than a kit lens.


Also, remember every camera has different lens mount for example: Sony A6400 camera has Sony E Mount lens. Which means that only E mount lens will fit (compatible) with Sony A6400 camera.

Here, are most popular common lens mounts in camera:

Canon EF Mount, Canon EF-M Mount, Micro Four Thirds Mounts and as mentioned above Sony E Mount.

• Accessories

As a beginner the only accessories you should invest in is a tripod or a gorrilla pod. You should not buy a very expensive Gimbal or Stabilizer right off the bat because you will start relying on those equipments rather than perfecting your basic skills. As you perfect your basics then only you should buy any high end equipment or else invest only in a tripod.

The other is not just an accessory but more of a necessity is a battery and a storage device (Media cards like SD, SDXC memory cards). As a beginner you won’t exactly know how long will your camera last on a single charge or how much photos or videos will you able to capture. So, it is better to have an extra battery and storage device while you are shooting. Not just beginners everybody who owns a camera should have an extra set of those.


Now that you have decided what to buy it’s time to learn 8 Do’s And Don’ts For A Beginner Photographer And Cinematographer. Check the previous mentioned article on what should be your next step after buying your first camera. You can learn photography by reading free article version of my online photography course ” The Ultimate Beginners Photography Guide

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  1. When buying a memory card make sure the card write speed is fast enough to work in your camera. Cards with lower speeds won’t work as well if your camera requires something faster. Also, be sure to check the specs on the memory card for the memory card’s actual read and write speeds. Some companies just put the read speed on the front and that tends to mislead purchasers who are looking for that write speed number.

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