The Ultimate Beginners Photography Guide Free Online Course – Introduction and Table Of Contents

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As we all know Photography has a lot of demand in this digital world we are living in. There is a lot of career scope in Photography. It has became a major part of our day to day life, for example: If there’s a party we need photos, there’s a wedding we need a wedding photographer, etc.

As the world of photography has a lot of demand there is also a lot of competition. If you are a beginner it can be very overwhelming. That is the reason I took the liberty to create this Free Online Course in an article version.


I call this free online course “The Ultimate Beginners Photography Guide”. In this free online course I will be posting article’s as chapters. For example, the next post I will post about this free online course will be Chapter :1.

You will get to learn literally everything you need to know about Photography. You will learn things like different settings, a lot of about how to use a camera, tips to create portfilio, how to land your first job and many more. You will also learn the professional terms used in photography, for example: Long Exposure.


Here’s a list of chapters you will learn in this Free Online Course but remeber this is not the final list I might also add few more chapters acoording to the feedback I get and also I might change the names of chapters. This list of chapter is just for you to understand what sort of things you will be learning in this Free Online Course.

Note: This list will be updated as I keep posting new chapters.

Table Of Contents:


Again, remember this is just a rough list of contents I have listed that you will learn in my Free Online Course and I might add few more chapters here and there according to the feedback I get. So, my request for you will be, it will be great if you provide feedbacks and suggestions in the comments as we go along as it will help both you and me to provide you as much as information you will need. I will be updating this list as I keep posting new chapters.

Update: This is the final list and all the chapters have been published. Click here to read every chapter or click the name of the chapter from the list above to read that particular chapter.

Also, make sure to share this as much as possible so that I would be able to help more people and also it is free so you have got nothing to loose and only to gain knowledge as a beginner photographer in this free online course.

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